What is the Best Way to Tour London? Six Tips For Asians?

tour London
tour London
Best Way to Tour London

London, an emblem of sheer sophistication, vibrancy, and historical structures is England’s and Western Europe’s biggest city. London is home to a variety of people, of different genders, religions, sects, and regions, from all over the world. Therefore, its society is highly multicultural and pluralistic. It is not just me and you, many people around the world dream to visit London at least once in a life. If you are off to plan a visit to London, you need a little research on how can you tour London in the best way possible. You need not carry out separate research as we have encapsulated tips to cogitate for an exhilarating tour. 


You can travel to London by train, bus, and flights, but as you are Asian, you will have to take a flight. London has six airports; London City, Southend, Luton, Stansted, Gatwick, and Heathrow-which is the most suitable airport for arrival in London. Nothing can get better than taking a low-cost flight because it will help you save money for touring and shopping in London. You can arrange an economical airfare deal by booking two-way tickets much time before taking the flight. Let’s say if you are traveling from Pakistan to London you will be able to hunt cheap flights to Pakistan from Heathrow and vice versa. 



Once you reach London it is highly recommended to get an Oyster card as soon as possible. An Oyster card is a transportation card that will save you money and time. For the visitors, paying with credit and debit card takes double charges because the fares are converted to the visitor’s local currency from pounds. 

Tour London in Bus

Tip No. 3: Tour London in Bus no.453:

People say that buses are better than tubes and I cannot agree more. Bus no. 453 is a double-decker bus that can show you around the city in one hour, it runs 24/7 hours and departs every 5 minutes. You will get to see The Imperial Wall museum, The London eye, the house of parliament, Big Ben, Oxford circus, Trafalgar square, and so much more in one go. Its charges, on the other hand, are cherry on the cake. It takes about £1.80 per head, what else can you look for in a tour? 

Sneak into Museums

Tip No.4: Sneak into Museums: 

In London, visiting museums is completely free. You can visit the marvelous museums in London for absolutely nothing. The popular museums in London are the Science Museum, the British Museum, the National Portrait Gallery, and the Natural History Museum You can also visit Big Ben, the Elizabeth 

Take a Walk Tour

Tip No. 5: Take a Walk Tour

When I say to take a walking tour, do you smell the fragrance of love, intimacy, and delight? Well, London is all about it. Taking walk tours will help you divulge more details of the city. You will explore food, people, and places. 

Visit Camden Market

Tip No.6: Visit Camden Market:

If you do not visit the Camden Market at least once in your trip, you have had experienced no real joy. Camden Market is a place where you can find food and drinks for all types of eaters and drinkers. It has more than 1000 shops, restaurants, bars, cafes, and other eateries. It is not just the food hub but you will find a lot of other things to buy like clothes. You can eat, shop, and chill wandering around the grand market.