What You Need to Know About the Microsoft Office Free Trial

Have you ever thought about using Microsoft office, but didn’t want to pay for it? Luckily for you, there is a way to use the service without paying for it. With the Microsoft office free trial, you gain access to all the great services included with Microsoft office.

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Features You Get With the Microsoft Office Free Trial

Microsoft’s cloud-based suite of enterprise applications and software is Office 365. It is modeled after the popular models of Office and its related applications that have dominated the PC industry for years, such as Word and Excel.

Office 365 comes with numerous home, business, and enterprise solutions. What you get with the Office 365 trial is basically all the functionality of Office 365 Home. You will have 30 days to test drive a feature-rich and fully automated Office 365 experience once you launch, and you can share it with five more people.

It provides links to complete versions of six Office flagship applications, plus 1TB per user of storage. Apps can be installed for full offline access, updated while you are online, and synchronized through various devices running Windows, IOS, and Android.

Features Included With the Microsoft Office Free Trial Download

The Microsoft Office free trial includes many of the standard Microsoft apps and services, such as:

Word: In order to create digital and print records, this inaugural word processor has everything you need. To view models, you’ll need to be online, but otherwise, Word’s offline features are similar.

PowerPoint: A fully loaded version of the familiar presentation method is available: the same models, slide designs, effects on animations, etc.

Excel:The spreadsheets in Excel are simple to create, manipulate, and export. When using Office 365 online, you can share and work on sheets in real time.

OneNote: If you’re unfamiliar with OneNote, it is a note-taking software with solid features or organizing, for adding stuff like photos, handwritten text, and GIFs to notes, and for its generous capacity and upload caps, I have considered it more than robust.

OneDrive: The Office 365 trial includes 1TB of cloud-based storage via OneDrive, plus 1TB for each person with whom you share it. To connect to the subscription, each user must build or use his or her own Microsoft account.

If you do decide to get the Microsoft office free trial, check out this link to learn about the mistakes to avoid with Microsoft office.

Enjoy the Microsoft Office Free Trial

The Microsoft office free trial is a great way to give the service a test run without dishing out cash upfront. As you can see, the trial offers many of the features that come with the paid version, so you get a pretty good idea of how the service works. Do you think you will purchase Microsoft office?

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