When to Hire a Limo: Your Complete Guide to Occasions That Matter

What’s the longest car in the world?

It’s the 100 ft long limousine called, “The American Dream”. The stretch limo has 26 wheels, a king-sized water bed, and a swimming pool with a diving board! Today, the car is undergoing a full restoration, with hopes to one day hit the road again.

If you’re wondering when to hire a limo, then this article’s for you! No longer are limos just for proms and bachelorette parties.

Read on to learn how to have 3 unforgettable experiences with the help of a limo.

1. For a Proposal

Are you getting ready to propose to the special someone in your life? Then why not hire a limo to make the night extra special?

After proposing, arrange for the limo driver to take you to a special secluded spot where you can watch the stars. If you live in a busy city, look for a spot high up where you can sit and look out on the town. Decades later, your loved one will still love telling the tale of how special the proposal night was.

Exotic Limo Options

If a traditional stretch limo isn’t your style, consider hiring a luxury car instead. For instance, you could hire a Lamborghini Aventador or Ferrari Speciale, along with a chauffeur. When you arrive at the restaurant, everyone will assume you’re filthy rich!

2. Wine Tours and Bar Crawls

Next, it’s always a good idea to hire a limousine if you’re going out with friends and drinking will be involved. While party buses are fun, they don’t offer the upscale experience a limo can provide. Even if you and your friends are bar crawling, you’ll appreciate having a chauffeur to take you around town.

Now, you might be wondering, “Should I hire a limo for my event if I’m not going to be drinking?”. Even if drinking isn’t involved, a limo will still make it easier for you to interact with your friends. Instead of paying attention to the GPS, you’ll be able to have fun, lively conversations.

3. Milestone Valentines Day

Last but not least, let’s look at when to hire a luxury car for Valentine’s day. While Valentine’s day is a good time for a limo, it’s especially fun when the holiday marks a special milestone.

For instance, let’s say it’s your 10th Valentine’s day together. Hire a limo to commemorate the 10 years of love you’ve shared. Your loved one will be blown away that you wanted to recognize your relationship in such a luxurious way.

Hire a Limo for Your Special Day

As you can see, you should hire a limo whenever there’s a cause to celebrate. Whether it’s a special night out with friends or a romantic occasion, a limo is a perfect way to party.

Take a few minutes to consider what type of limo your loved one or friends would appreciate the most. Remember, you can always opt for a chauffeur and luxury sports car instead. Explore the different luxury car options out there for limo experiences and pick the one that speaks to you the most.

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