Where to Find a Free Rental Property Management Software | An Ultimate Guide

To handle real estate business, one needs to maintain proper accounts, maintain the contracts, ensure billing is on time, and much more. Real estate software is the absolute solution to your daily task routine. Your all tasks are handled on one platform without creating any chaos. 

Do you know in 2019 global property market size was more than USD 14 billion? The real estate business is predicted to be flourished with a high annual growth rate in the coming years. Maintaining payments and managing maintenance is not easy as it takes a lot of effort. Moreover, property management business operations are time-consuming.

Thanks to property management software that works magically for handling all tasks. Generally, there are two types of property management application- one is server-based software where you need technical expertise to handle the software for upgrading & software support. Whereas, cloud-based software is used to access it from anywhere as data is stored in the cloud automatically. 

Reasons to Invest Your Money in Commercial Property Management Software

  • Manage Accounting Transactions: 

One is able to track and record the accounting information of clients automatically. There is no more paperwork and even no need to maintain a single entry for every client in an excel sheet. 

  •  More Transparency: 

The chance of fraud in the real estate business is comparatively high. With the use of software, the owner can share access accordingly with its team members and can monitor their work. This lets your business be more secure. 

  • Document Security:

One can save tenant documents, property documents, and portfolio at one location. To open up any document, you’re just away from a few clicks. Your documents are stored forever and safely.

  • Real-Time View:

One of the best things about property management software that allows you to see real-time statistics. One can view the total income of agreements within a property and much more. This helps you make decisions on time without delay.

Property management software is a crucial support system to meet all your needs from monitoring to proper action without delays. 

Why is Orange Pear’s Property Management Software Worth to Buy?

 For more than 1000, real estate clients are using Orange Pear’s property management software as it has reduced the workload of realtors. They can save time and do other tasks rather than doing monotonous or repeated jobs on a daily basis.

Even one has the opportunity to schedule a demo before making a purchase. This ensures the client sees how it actually works. Investors, property managers, or retail organizations can make the best use of PM software. 

The tool allows you to do a quick search of lease agreements or portfolios without wasting time on multiple clicks. The tool automatically handles rental payments, maintains stakeholder reports, co-investor reports, manages rental agreements, cash flow forecasting, real-time information, and much more.

Humans can make mistakes without intention, but the softwares is designed with strong features so that it becomes error-free and doesn’t get reluctant. The commercial property management tool includes all the main functions of real estate businesses and prevents any sort of mistakes or errors. Have a good experience with the well-established software.