Which Hair Dryer is Better – Ionic or Ceramic?

Elementary, a hair dryer, which is in the arsenal of many women, helps to dry hair and make effective styling at home. If it is not there or the old one is not happy and tired – do not rush to purchase the first available option. It’s better to immediately clearly determine for yourself which hair dryer to choose so as not to be disappointed in the purchase. A spontaneously chosen model is capable of not only styling hair poorly, but also harming their health. You can choose a good hair dryer if you confidently navigate the characteristics.

The number of hair dryers on sale can easily make the choice. Devices differ in many parameters, which largely determine their appearance and technical characteristics. Sometimes it is more convenient to see the rating of hair dryers and choose the best option for a home based on it. Nevertheless, first we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the parameters of the future purchase object.

Ionic Hair Dryers

Hair dryers with ionization function appeared relatively recently and immediately won the attention of professionals. Positive feedback from experts quickly became known to a wide range of consumers, after which people began to actively purchase devices for home use. At the moment, the demand for them remains quite stable, this indicates their obvious benefit for healing and strengthening hair.

Hair dryer with ionization of the air stream is an electrical appliance designed to dry curls and creates styling. Unlike a conventional hair dryer, which drains the hair shaft severely, an instrument with an ionizer dries the strands gently and without damage to the hair structure. So, when drying curls with a traditional device, intense evaporation of moisture occurs, first from the surface of the hair, and then from it itself. As a result, curls, consisting of 10% of water, become thinner and become lifeless. As a result, they begin to split strongly and lose their natural shine.

Ceramic Hair Dryers

Most inexpensive hair dryers are equipped with metal heating elements. They heat up well and, together with the fan, provide a stream of hot air, which dries the air. There are also ceramic coated hairdryers, which have a significant advantage. They heat up more evenly and absolutely accurately in a given range, which cannot be said about metal ones.

Ceramic coating is typical of professional models, not domestic, but can also be found in expensive household hair dryers. Thanks to the ceramic coating, the hair is dried very carefully, and even high temperature does not do much damage. In this case, ceramics removes static electricity, from which the hair is not electrified.

Choosing a ceramic coated hair dryer is a great solution for both home and professional use. See model reviews, read discussions and specifications. Only then go to the store and choose a specific model, because this is the only way to make the right choice. The choice of the best hair dryers for women depends on your hair so it’s up to you which type of Hair Dryer suits your hair.