Which school is best in Delhi NCR

Being the country’s capital and a major metropolitan city in India, Delhi NCR is a major junction for aspirants from all over the country and the world. Thus, it is also one of the most important educational hubs for students of all age-groups and specializations. The Global Indian International School in Noida is one of the most prominent educational institutions in this metropolis vicinity. Aimed at all-around education, the institution focuses on preparing students to become global citizens of the modern world.

Ranked number one in the innovators’ category in the Times School Survey conducted in 2020, GIIS Noida offers quality CBSE education to students from classes 1st to 12th and is the cream of the crop among the secondary and higher secondary schools in the city. The school follows a holistic approach to learning, focusing on teaching sound knowledge and skills and emphasizing their overall development at the social, moral, and emotional levels. Incorporating the 9GEMS model into education, GIIS Noida ensures that each student reaps the benefits of a routine that focuses on ethics, creativity, personality development, and discipline at its core.

The school believes in nurturing every student’s inherent potential to the greatest extent possible, thus incorporating a strategic approach that strikes the perfect balance between academics and extracurricular activities. The diversity of extracurricular activities ensures that each student has a platform to express his/her creativity following his/her interests. The school offers a wide range of extracurricular and co-curricular activities. 

To encourage students to look beyond their classrooms’ walls and their books’ pages, GIIS Noida ensures that each student must participate in at least one activity in each of the categories. These activities range from storytelling and public speaking to sports activities like roller-skating, chess, and basketball. GIIS Noida believes that skill-based education is the way ahead and places a lot of significance on encouraging students to hone their skills.

Lastly, GIIS Noida prides itself on the ‘happiness index’ it follows. This index is a measure of each student’s subjective level of satisfaction with their education and schooling. Although happiness as an emotion is mostly unquantifiable, the school seeks to measure the same with various techniques, including questionnaires, feedback, surveys, parent testimonials, etc.

Over the years, GIIS Noida has emerged as one of the most prominent schools in Delhi NCR due to its dedication towards ensuring all-around education and emphasis on the holistic development of its students.