Why is the ESV indispensible?

Whether you need a bible for Scripture memorization, public worship, or personal reading, ESV bibles fulfil all your needs.

Read on to find out why the ESV is a must-read.

It preserves the best in the 400 years of KJV tradition…

With two decades of being in print, the ESV is the go-to book for “essentially literal” translations of the Bible. The chairman of the translation committee, Prof. Dr Wayne Grudem, observes that it retains over 90% of the 1971 Revised Standard Version, which, in turn, is a faithful rendition of the King James Version from 1611. The ESV, thus, preserves more literal accuracy in details than other bibles. 

…without compromising the present needs.

The objective of the translation committee in 1997 was to comprehend the Bible in the context of its original text. However, that is not to say that the committee doesn’t understand the demands of a changing knowledge base. Translations are undertaken in light of the discovery of older, more reliable Greek and Hebrew texts. Updates are made, keeping in mind the evolution of the English language over time. 

The KJV is in English of the Shakespearean era. Scholars and readers alike find it hard to interpret and memorize this text. The Revised Standard Version (1952) and now the ESV (2001) are “essentially literal” translations. They translate each Greek word faithfully but use modern English words and syntax to do so. Thus, they have found a vast readership.   

Excellent literary quality

Theologians like Tim Challies have studied and memorized it substantially. They find the ESV to be of the finest literary quality. The superior use of the English language, while still being a literal translation, indicates that the translators did not want to compromise readability in the face of precision. 

Retains theological terminology 

Dr Grudem’s committee retained theological terminology such as grace, faith, justification, redemption, etc. They are concepts that cannot be conveyed with a mere few words of the modern English language. Other versions have skipped these words, and thus, entire ideas behind them in view of making the text sound less archaic. The ESV allows for reader interpretation where such terms are used.

Transparent to better showcase original structure

The ESV is not gender-neutral for the sake of being so. It accurately translates terms that refer to men and women as such. An important aspect of being a literal translation of the Bible is that it captures the precise words and style of the original to better portray its structure and meaning. 

Availability of Study Bibles:

There is a range of study bibles to help increase the reader’s understanding of the ESV. They contain notes, charts, maps and other study tools to make bible study more effective. An excellent choice is the ESV Study Bible, which won the 2009 Christian Book of the Year. They come in a variety of sizes and options, such as personal and hardbound. The latter is sure to be your faithful guide for years to come.

For over twenty years, ESV bibles have been a faithful companion of church leaders and millions of readers worldwide. Several denominations, as well as organizations, also turn to the ESV daily. It may be your turn to discover the ESV. Head over to the nearest bookstore and purchase your copy today.

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