Why is Zam Zam Water Special?

The history of Islam provides a list of miracles that are entirely out of this world and human sense. The Zam Zam water is one of such miracles of Islam. However, it is the most enduring one. The well of ZamZam was sprung about thousands of years ago by the scraping of land by the feet of Prophet Ismail, the son of Prophet Ibrahim when he was just an infant. His mother, Hajra, left him thirsty and crying in the desert, to look for water and upon her return, she saw the miraculously running water from the land, under the feet of her son. Later, it was transformed into a well by the people of the Holy City of Makkah. Since then, it has never run out of water and millions of people live on the Zam Zam water to date. People who visit Saudi Arabia in December Umrah packages or Ramadhan special Umrah Packages especially bring Zam Zam with them as souvenirs. 

Location of the Zam Zam Well

The Zam Zam water is kept inside a well, known as the ZamZam well, which is located in Makkah at about 20 meters east of the Holy Kaaba, within the boundaries of the Holy Mosque. It is about 30.5 meters deep and has a diameter ranging from 1.08 meters to 2.66 meters. It is currently protected by glass panels, allowing a clear view of the well. However, the pilgrims are not allowed to set foot in the ZamZam well room or its surroundings.

The Reason Behind the Name

The well is named after the Arabic phrase “Zam Zam” which means “stop flowing” or “slow down.” Back when enough water was sprung, Hajra called out “Zam Zam” to control the flow of water. Thus the well was named after this phrase.

Chemical Composition of Zam Zam Water

The Zam Zam water has been tested several times and every time it has proved to be the healthiest water in the whole world. Researches have revealed that Zam Zam water contains 34 elements, among which calcium, magnesium, sodium, and chloride are found to be in higher concentrations as compared to natural water. The four toxic elements, arsenic, cadmium, lead, and selenium are found much below the danger level for human consumption. Various scientists suggest that the Zam Zam water is much healthier than natural water due to certain aspects such as a higher concentration of calcium.

Comparison With Bottled Drinking Water and Distilled Water

In a study, a comparison was carried out between Zam Zam water, bottled drinking water and distilled water leading to the conclusion that Zam Zam water has a rich essential mineral profile and Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) were not much high but were in the acceptable range. Zam Zam water also contains a higher electrical conductivity as compared to bottled water.

Health benefits of the Zam Zam Water

Purest water: Zam Zam water has claimed to be the purest form of water all around the world due to higher concentrations of fluoride. It has also been researched that the Zam Zam water is free of germs and bacteria and contains higher amounts of bicarbonates as compared to natural water.

Natural enhancer for cells: It was started by a German scientist, Dr Knut Pfeiffer that Zam Zam water increases energy levels and nourishes body cells, and reduces fatigue due to the presence of higher concentrations of calcium and magnesium. It also enhances the body’s metabolism.

Teeth and bone health: The maintenance of healthy bones and teeth can be ensured by the Zam Zam water as it contains high amounts of calcium which is the key component of healthy bones and teeth.

Along with the mentioned ones, Zam Zam water comes with several other health benefits, which makes it a special form of water in the whole world.