Why should you prefer companies that hire remote software engineers?

hire remote software engineers

There is no doubt that every engineer must have, by now, heard of companies that hire remote software engineers. The question is, are these engineers choosing these companies as their source of professional work or not?

This question is extremely pertinent nowadays because the digital economy made up by companies, teams and individuals operating remotely are becoming increasingly competent and strong. If you are an aspiring or professional engineer, there are several compelling reasons for you to consider these companies.

Long-Term and Full-Time Work

Gone are the days when outsourcing agencies were the only means for beginner (and experienced) engineers to do work for local and foreign clients. Software outsourcing agencies, apart from the major, well-established ones, are focused on getting a higher volume of work from short-term clients. This translates into questionable job security. A lot of these firms also end up transitioning into a call center business model.

Companies that hire remote engineers like TopTal, Gaper and Turing have very specific domains of work that provide long-term and enlightening opportunities for developers experienced in different technologies. Their business models mean that such companies are more than just stepping stones for young developers before they move on to more long-term job opportunities.

Unmatched Learning

These companies conduct very thorough vetting and evaluations on their applicants. This means, that even if you don’t succeed in getting onto a remote platform, you will still have garnered a very good idea about what is required of you and how the competition in your field and domain is like.

Andela and TopTal, for example, have a recruiting process that is several stages long which endeavours to test a candidate’s communication and technical skills. Going through these tests, regardless of outcome, ensures that you become aware of the prowess expected of you and you can then utilize your time in building your skillset based on your vetting experience.

Similarly, Gaper has a remarkable career accelerator program that allows the less experienced individuals to learn and adopt new technical skills and work/project management techniques which will prepare them for the company’s American client base.

Teamwork and Project Management

Because you get to work with clients, managers, and fellow team members remotely, you develop a distinct knack for your own time and work management. This is a skill that individuals may not catch on if they are solely being managed by an on-site manager.

Secondly, because you work with people from all over the world, you get to mould your communication skills and gain an understanding of how business collaborations work.

Not only that, the inherent global nature of remote platforms means that you will get to learn about others’ advanced skills as well as client expectations and standards from all over the world. In terms of learning, there is a reciprocate effect. Everyone learns something from each other, develop their skills, and reapply it in their work.

Cost and Time Efficient

One does not need to expound upon the merits of remote work. Software engineers working remotely get to manage their own times and rid themselves of the cost of going to or setting up offices.

Job Security

Companies hiring remote engineers offer very adequate job security since they continue to receive work from old and new clients. In fact, there has been a shortage of sorts in the supply of developers ever since the pandemic started.

It is also much easier to keep up with other companies. In a non-remote situation, leaving one job means you have to start looking for work all over again. In this case, you will already have an idea of other companies’ online as well as freelancing platforms that are a great source of gaining experience in one’s domain.

Online platforms offer a rich sea of opportunities that are often always a click away. Continue to put yourself out there and build your digital presence and experience as you grow. The Tiny Tech companies for everyone out there! Or perhaps, you choose to start a developer platform of your own!