Working with a Video Production Company: 9 Steps to Success

So you’ve decided that it’s time that your company needs a corporate video? Due to today’s sea of corporate videos, making a video that will stand out isn’t always easy. Your competition isn’t just other companies, but smartphones, web content, and armies of distractions that can easily distract your audience from your video. Companies often make the same mistake by making their corporate videos unentertaining by showing only facts and statistics. A corporate video doesn’t have to be like a movie trailer but in order to have results, here are some necessary steps you should take when you’re working with a video production company.

1. Define the purpose of the video

It is important to know why are you making your video because this is the vital piece of information production companies need to know. Also, you should know who is your target audience and, are they the people who already know about your brand or you’re just making an introduction. Sometimes a video of the landing page can be different from the one on social media so you should be careful where your video will go live.

2. Video production partner

When you’re clear what kind of video you want to make then it’s time to find the right production partner. Australia has many internationally recognized video production companies so it won’t be hard for you to find the right one. Renowned leading video production Sydney companies are specialized in custom-build visual media and can help achieve specific business objectives. You should do some research and review their portfolios. Also, get recommendations from the top companies you trust and set up a meeting.

3. Share your vision

Once you have your team all set up then it’s time to start working. You should first sit down for a meeting and go over the details of your project. This will help you and the agency you hired to see if your instincts match. Here you will also hear a more in-depth creative version from your agency on how to course-correct your own brand standards. These include design elements like font and colours. At this stage, it is important to be open to new ideas and be realistic about your expectations. The best-skilled agency is the one that will find a set that will complement your own.

4.Define the scope of your project

Different companies offer different services so you should always define the scope of your project. Some companies offer services like conception and scripting through post-production. Sometimes you will need a shorter cut on the video in order to be used on social media and these companies can provide these kinds of assets. Advances in technology had made video more affordable and you should take advantage because there is probably no limit in this field.

Nevertheless, you should always, as said before, make sure what is the scope of your project because there is always that one thing and it is budget.

5. Video budget production budget

Every video production company is going to first ask the same thing and that it is ‘’what’s the budget’’. This is because they need to know with what amount of money they are working with, in order to give you a clear picture of what they can accomplish. The best way is to balance quality, speed, and cost because any change in any of these elements will affect the other two.

Overall you should set your priorities straight before you finalize your budget.

6. Production timeline

Don’t be surprised when your producer sets a production schedule by working backward from the date you need your video finished. This is done because production companies always have a lot of projects going on, so writing down shoot dates and delivery timelines in advance is a must. This will give everyone a clear picture of expectations from the start and don’t worry if the schedule changes because you will have a clear aim from the beginning to the end.

7. Short can be more effective

In today’s corporate world people often don’t have time to sit through a Ben Hur movie style of video. You should always stick to the essentials and leave out all unnecessary details. Although your ideal timeline depends on the content of your video it is wise to use concise language in order to make your point as fast possible. If you have a need to add more information but the timeline doesn’t allow you, then you should insert it in your video comments.

8. Be open for new ideas

If you have decided to hire a video production company then they are here for a reason. Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes can seem too critical on your project but in reality, your brand can really benefit from an outsider’s opinion. In fact, it can be a perfect time for shaking things up changing your strategy and filling in your knowledge gaps.

9. A strong relationship with your company

Communication, trust, and respect with the team you work with will always make the best video.

When you have healthy communication with your team your relationship will strengthen in time and by trusting each other you will surely create something unique. If you get great results you will probably work with the same production company more than once which is an ideal scenario.

In conclusion

Overall it is best to have a clear strategy of what you want your corporate video to achieve. So if you have hired a video production company it is advised to always consider their every advice because they know better than anyone how the game works.